QA1 Autocross

The QA1 Autocross continues this year.

Minnesota State Fairgrounds - St. Paul, MN
Friday, July 19th 1 pm - 5 pm
Saturday, July 20th 10 am - 5 pm
Sunday, July 21st 10 am - Noon


Limited spots will be available on-site


AGAIN THIS YEAR: Due to increased demand, we will offer participants the opportunity to schedule run times on the QA1 Autocross course.

  • Schedule your run time thru Thursday, July 18th. After the 18th, sign up for your run group on-site at the Autocross course beginning Friday, July 19th.
  • Hourly run groups available during published Autocross hours - 30 cars/hour maximum.
  • One run group per participant please.

LOCATION: Due to popular demand, the QA1 Autocross will take place in the large lot again this year in a larger space - The lot is accessible from the show via Randall Avenue or watch for signage directing you to the course.

COURSE TYPE Fun Runs Course - No Class Breakdown. We encourage any licensed driver to bring their Daily Driver or Show Car to compete in a safe and fun environment where you can push yourself and your car to the limits on a timed autocross course. The course will be designed to provide a fun and challenging experience for the beginner to the most experienced drivers.

QA1 Autocross is included in your Street Machine Summer Nationals vehicle registration


Awards & Rules


Announced Sunday, July 21 at Main Stage at 3:15 pm

  • Top 5 Fastest Runs Each Day (Fri & Sat)
  • SCCA Worker's Choice Award


  • All Participants are required to sign and complete a) RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY, b) SELF TECH INSPECTION and REGISTRATION FORM
  • Driver and passenger hands must remain in the vehicle at all times on course.
  • No hand held devices allowed for any reason (cameras, phones, etc).
  • Driver and passenger must use factory seat belts in good condition or use appropriate aftermarket restraint harnesses. No restraint=No autocross.
  • All cars must have properly functioning factory battery tie down or metal only replacement (no rubber/bungee cords or ratchet straps). The battery restraint must hold the battery so it cannot move at all. If the tech inspector can make the battery move, the restraint is not sufficient.
  • Vehicle must be mechanically sound and safe to withstand the loads of an autocross run at all times.
  • Participants must follow the directions of any worker at all times without question.
  • Jackassery, asshattery and general messing around on the course will result in expulsion from the autocross and possibly the show. Participants that drive unsafely or exhibit unsafe behavior during any segment of the event will be immediately disqualified and removed from the event.
  • Tire Rules – All Participants must use commercially available, DOT approved tires with a treadwear of 180 or higher. Hand grooved tires or shaved tread are not allowed. Tires must have a minimum of 2/32” tread depth at the start of the event and must not show excessive wear or abuse. The use of any type of chemical or nonchemical treatment is strictly prohibited.
  • A two-second penalty will be imposed for knocking a pylon over or out of its outline box. If the pylon is left standing and touching any part of its outlined box, it is not a penalty. Pointer or “laid down” cones are considered part of the track and will incur a two-second penalty.
  • A DNF penalty will be imposed for not coming to a complete stop after crossing the finish line. Stop pylons will be designated at a generous distance beyond the finish line. Crossing or contact with any of the stop pylons is considered a violation and will result in a penalty.
  • Any vehicle that spins, loops or leaves the autocross surface (2 or more wheels off) for any reason will be black flagged and required to report directly to the Timing Tent as soon as safely possible, the run will receive a DNF penalty. Multiple black flags issued to a participant will result in immediate dismissal from the event.
  • Official score for the event will be the lowest timed lap of the segment. The participant with the lowest timed lap will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, considering the second fastest run of each tied participant for each session, and so on until the tie is broken will break the tie.
  • No open toe shoes or sandals/flip flops allowed.
  • Helmets are Required for all Drivers and any passengers during the Autocross. Snell SA or M rated helmets in good condition dated 2005 or later. DOT rated helmets are not allowed unless they are also Snell rated. A limited supply of loaner helmets will be available on-site or bring your own.
  • No items may be loose in the truck or cab area of the car during a run.
  • Do not approach the timing tent for your time. The times will be provided by the SCCA workers at the end of each run group's session.