Street Machine Nationals Rules & Regulations

Street Machine Nationals Rules & Regulations

  • Credential Information- Participant entry fee includes:

Two (2) wristbands (for the driver and 1 adult passenger), a window sticker for your vehicle that must be adhered and displayed on the driver’s side of the windshield (no exceptions) and a window card. Your entry also covers any children 15 years old and younger that ride in your vehicle onto the show grounds. Wristbands/tickets are not distributed for children 15 years old and younger, and they must enter the grounds in a participant vehicle. If you need additional adult tickets for passengers in your vehicle, you may purchase them in advance online or at the Registration trailer when checking in, with a credit card only.  The checkpoint entry will qualify any passengers and determine the need to purchase extra tickets.

  • Legal age of Participants:

All participants must be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license to register and drive a vehicle into the show. If a participant is under 18, with a valid driver’s license, a parent or legal guardian must sign a Parental Release Form at the Registration area PRIOR to entering the show. The minor will also need to sign a release and present their valid driver’s license. All participants are required to sign a liability waiver.

  • Pick-up of Registration Credentials:

In order to pick up your Registration credentials, the person who is registered must show their valid, un-expired Driver’s License at the Registration pick-up area at each event. Due to liability, you cannot pick up someone else’s Registration materials even if you have their confirmation and ID.

  • Refund & Change Policy:

Once you purchase a registration for a vehicle, it is not refundable at any time prior to, or after the show. If you wish to change the vehicle you registered to a different vehicle, you may do so up until 2 weeks prior to the show by contacting

  • COVID19:

If Bonnier Events cancels or postpones an event due to government mandates pertaining to COVID19, tickets will be refunded minus the online processing fee.

  • Participant Conduct:

Bonnier Events expects and requires all participants to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner during all activities of the event. Management will under no circumstances, tolerate any of the following: drunkenness, public nudity, burnouts, excessive speeding, “coal rolling”, flame throwing, recklessness, foul language, fighting or the throwing of anything from the vehicle including beads, candy and other objects.  There will be a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on disruptive behavior at all events. Bonnier Events reserves the right to pull your show credentials for any inappropriate conduct inside or outside of the show grounds. Security is present to ensure a fun event for everyone, please comply when they make a request.

  • Participant Amenities:

Participants are permitted to bring coolers into the show in their vehicle for food and soft drinks. We ask that NO GLASS bottles be brought onto the show grounds. Drinks in aluminum cans should be put into a can coozie or poured into a cup. Beverages and/or coolers will NOT be permitted to be carried into the grandstand area. Please remember that spectators entering the show from the walk-through gates are NOT allowed to bring food or drinks onto the show grounds, so please be considerate in this matter. There is only ONE gate that participants can enter with coolers, which is the participant gate. No entry is allowed through a spectator gate with coolers of any kind and will be stopped by event personnel.

  • Personal Vehicles:

For safety reasons, the use of all personal means of transportation including bicycles, rollerblades, scooters (see ADA Vehicles for ADA Scooter rules), golf carts, ATV’s, motorcycles, mini-bikes, segways etc. is forbidden on the show grounds on all show days and vendor set-up days. If you have registered a golf cart as part of your registration, those are permitted on show days.

  • ADA Vehicles:

Persons having their own 3-wheeled electric unit may bring them, along with ADA credentials, to the show office to obtain an authorized sticker for use at the show. Acceptable credentials include an official state permit, an ADA license or if it is a temporary need, a doctor’s letter verifying the need for an ADA unit. Additionally, all privately owned 3-wheeled ADA units are subject to approval. No golf carts are permitted to be ADA units unless they have been previously registered.

  • Animals & Pets:

We do not allow animals into the event. This includes, but is not limited to dogs, cats, snakes & birds. Pets will not allow them into the event or on any part of the fairgrounds including parking lots and campgrounds. Officially registered service animals are permitted by law.

  • Drones:

Drones are not permitted at any Bonnier Events. Any person flying a drone will be subject to immediate expulsion from the event.

  • Cruise Rules:

Bonnier Events is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable cruise experience at our events.  Cruise lanes will be properly marked, and no cruising is permitted outside the defined lanes.  The maximum cruise speed is 15 Miles Per Hour, conditions permitting, and all violators will be subject to immediate expulsion from the event.  Any participant doing burnouts or rolling coal will also be subject to immediate expulsion.  THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLLERANCE for any behavior that endangers the well-being of our participants or spectators.  All cruise participants are subject to the laws and regulations of both the State in which the event takes place and the facility.  Bonnier Events reserves the right to deny any vehicle participation in Cruise routes based on concerns of driver impairment, safety of vehicle or violation of either event rules, governing laws, or facility regulations.

  • Participant Trailers:

Trailered show vehicles must be unloaded at Registration or trailer parking and driven into the show.  No trailers will be allowed to be driven into the fairgrounds at any time.

  • Vehicle Security at the show:

Security will be provided starting at the opening of on-site Registration and continuing through the close of the show on Sunday, but you leave your vehicle and trailer at your own risk.  Bonnier Events does not guarantee the safety or security of any property left at any site at any time. We take reasonable measures to prevent theft and damage, but we do not guarantee it.

  • Roping off Areas:

There will be NO ADVANCE ROPING off of areas (this includes no parking vehicles to save a spot) at any Bonnier Event until AFTER PARTICIPANT GATES HAVE OFFICALLY OPENED.  Any ropes or items used to rope off any area before the time of opening will be removed.  Space is available on a first-come-first-served basis unless purchased in advance.  This policy will be strictly enforced so that our vendors and event staff can execute an orderly and proper move in.  During the weekend, roped off areas MUST be occupied and the roping removed, by 10AM every day or the roping will be removed by staff and be made available to other participants.

Registered vehicles are to be properly insured, licensed street legal vehicles. Please be prepared to show proof of vehicle insurance if asked.