Dyno Challenge St. Paul: It’s a High Horsepower Party

The Summer Nationals Dyno Challenge Is A High Horsepower Party

Participants line up down the street waiting for their chance to show off their ride's power & performance in front of cheering Summer Nationals fans all weekend. But the dyno challenge is more than just about measuring torque and horsepower - it's a high hp party unto itself with music, games, giveaways and more. The Dyno is $70 for 2 pulls.

High Horsepower Shootout And More

Make sure to visit the Dyno Challenge on Saturday between 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm to see some of the top cars in the High Horsepower Shootout! Full dyno schedule can be found here.

Stop by the dyno challenge to participate in the fun including:

Guess The Horsepower Game with prizes and giveaways from your event sponsors & vendors like hats, t-shirts, sponsor banners and more!

1,000+ HP Club - Pull 1,000+ HP anytime throughout the weekend and receive a special Street Machine Nationals, limited edition, High Horsepower Club jacket.

Highest HP Awards - Highest Horsepower each day wins a Street Machine Nationals Dyno Challenge award.

The dyno is $70 for 2 pulls. Sign up at the dyno to participate.