Street Machine Challenge
street machine challenge

2019 INFO

The Challenge...

The premier Pro Touring and G Machine event will return to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds July 19-21, 2019 - the Street Machine Challenge (SMC). This is the super-enthusiast's chance to show off their car’s braking, handling, and horsepower-generating abilities against the best cars in the nation as part of the O'Reilly Auto Parts Street Machine Summer Nationals in St. Paul, MN.

Notes for 2019


  • Bigger and faster this year than ever before - thanks to the Land O' Lakes SCCA
  • SMC competitors will be limited to 12 Autocross runs throughout the weekend. You are not guaranteed 12 runs, you are limited to 12 runs, so budget your AX time accordingly.
  • Autocross will be open to SMC competitors for 2 hours both Friday and Saturday. You must get your AX runs in during these times. SMC cars cannot run during general public times. No exceptions.
  • AX Times Friday 11 am - Noon | 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm
  • AX Times Saturday 11am - Noon | 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


  • SMC entry will cost $100, in addition to the Street Machine Nationals event registration fee. However those who compete in all three events of the SMC (Autocross | Dyno | Stop Box) will be refunded $30 of the SMC entry fee within 15 days after the event.


  • There will not be a selection process, therefore all cars that register are deemed Street Machine Challenge competitors. Event organizers do reserve the right to disqualify cars at their discretion. In this event, a full refund will be issued.
  • SMC is limited to 35 total competitors... first come, first serve.


Each vehicle will compete on the Stop Box, the Autocross course, and on the chassis dyno (each vehicle will be tested for maximum horsepower on the chassis dyno).

To be eligible for the crown - and to receive $30 of your SMC entry fee refunded, you must compete in all three events.


The Top Three finishers in any one class will receive 10-30 points for their respective positions using the best time or horsepower number depending on the event. The car with the most points out of 90 wins the Street Machine Challenge for each class. Cars finishing out of the Top Three will receive zero points. DNF and DNS entries will receive 0 points. If there is a tie, the car with the most HP on the dyno wins. DNF or DNS on the dyno count as zero hp.


All Competitors and vehicles must adhere to the rules and regulations set by the autocross sanctioning body (SCCA) and the dyno contest. Exceptions to the rules are as follows:

  • All Competitors and their competition vehicle must check in with Street Machine Challenge officials at the Stop Box and have made a competitive pass in any one of the three events no later than 1pm on Saturday, July 20, 2019. Street Machine Challenge competitors who are registered but do not check in by 1pm on Saturday will not be allowed to compete. Check in by proxy is not allowed.
  • To be eligible for the crown - and to receive $30 of your SMC entry fee refunded, you must compete in all three events.
  • No diesel fuels
  • Racing gasoline is permitted
  • Each competitor must display the current Street Machine Challenge windshield banner on the competition vehicle during event.
  • Domestic rear wheel drive passenger cars only – imports with engine swaps are not allowed
  • Allowed ONE session with no more than 2 pulls on the Dyno.
  • Tire Rule: Only DOT Spec tires meeting tread wear indicator number of 200 or higher will be allowed to compete. This means a tread wear rating stamped on the sidewall of the tire must be a value of 200 or higher. A rating of 199 or less will not be allowed.
  • Exception for Dyno: An allowance has been made for the Dyno portion of competition to allow DOT legal soft compound tires to allow competitors to put down all the power they can. Example: a Mickey Thompson ET Street tire will be allowed for the Dyno portion only.


  • Competing in events during these times will increase your chances of media coverage as editors will be looking for SMC competitors at the Autocross, Stop Box and Dyno during these scheduled times.
  • New This Year - Autocross will be open to SMC competitors 2 hours each day. You must get your AX runs in during these times. SMC cars cannot run during general public times. No exceptions. Also, SMC competitors are now limited to 12 runs throughout the weekend.
  • DYNO RUNS MUST occur during one of the below competition times. These times are set aside for Street Machine Challenge competitors only. Competitors will not be permitted to compete on the Dyno during any other times. Competitors will have ONE session on the Dyno ONLY. No Do-Overs!