Legends of Pro Street
Matt Hay Pro Street

The Pro Street category has a rich and storied history at the Du Quoin Street Machine Nationals. In the 1970’s and 1980’s, Pro Street builders were very popular and built numerous award-winning cars.


When the Du Quoin Street Machine Nationals returned in 2013, after a several year hiatus, a reunion of Pro Street builders was held and those who gathered were dubbed Legends of Pro Street. About a dozen Legends of Pro Street gathered and were honored on the main stage and awarded plaques for their contribution to the sport.


Also in 2013, the Legends of Pro Street were asked to vote on Pro Street cars that were part of the current Street Machine Nationals, which they thought were well-crafted and best represented the Pro Street category.


Each and every year since, three Legends of Pro Street awards have been handed out at the Du Quoin Street Machine Nationals. Heading up the judging and tallying up the results have been longtime Legends of Pro Street, Matt and Debbie Hay, along with some of their other fellow Legends of Pro Street. In addition to judging duties, Legends of Pro Street also sign autographs and greet attendees.


Take a walk down Pro Street Alley at this year's Street Machine Nationals in Du Quoin to check out some of the most stunning and innovative Pro Street cars ever built.