Street Machine Challenge

2024 Street Machine Challenge July 19-21, 2024

Street Machine Nationals Minnesota State Fairgrounds - St. Paul, MN


All competitors must be registered Street Machine Nationals participants. Event pre-registration is $55, plus a $3.00 non-refundable handling fee (valid until Friday, July 17th, 2024). Registration is also available on-site for $75 beginning Thursday, July 18th at noon. Entry fee covers car, driver, and copilot as well as children under 15 that ride in the vehicle to attend the Street Machine Nationals event. The fee also includes one goodie bag (while supplies last).

All competitors must also register to compete in the Street Machine Challenge. Registration for the Street Machine Challenge is an additional $50 and is limited to 40 competitors (10 per class).


Event organizers have created four select classes (listed below) to compete in at this year's Street Machine Nationals. Once confirmed, competitors will receive an official invitation to the Street Machine Challenge. All competitors will receive a special Street Machine Challenge windshield banner during the check-in at the QA1 Open House (more info below). The top 3 per class in the Street Machine Challenge will receive a trophy and special recognition at the Sunday participant awards ceremony. The Champions for each class will also receive free entry to the Street Machine Nationals for 2025.

The Contest

To be eligible for the crown, you must compete in the QA1 Cruise as well as all three days in the QA1 Autocross. On Sunday the QA1 Autocross course will be modified and only Street Machine Challenge competitors will be allowed to partake. Points: Per day per class points will be awarded as follows: (Sunday’s Points are worth double)

1st Place- 10 Points
2nd Place- 9 Points
3rd Place- 8 Points
4th Place- 7 Points
5th Place- 6 Points
6th Place- 5 Points
7th Place- 4 Points
8th Place- 3 Points
9th Place- 2 Points
10th Place- 1 Point

Placement per day is determined by time on the QA1 Autocross course. The car with the most points out of 40 wins the Street Machine Challenge for each class. DNF and DNS entries will receive 0 points. If there is a tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place there will be an autocross runoff (one pass, quickest time wins) to determine the winner of the tie. There will be daily awards as well as overall event winners per class. All awards will be presented during the Show N Shine awards ceremony on Sunday at 3 pm.


All Competitors and vehicles must adhere to the rules and regulations set by the Street Machine Nationals. Street Machine Challenge rules are as follows:

  • All Competitors and their competition vehicles must first check in at participant registration. Check-in by proxy is not allowed.
  • Vehicles must be plated and insured
  • Racing gasoline is permitted
  • Only the registered participant may drive the vehicle (Multiple drivers with the same vehicle will not allowed)
  • The vehicle must have fully operational glass windows (power or crank)
  • Rear glass required (Plexiglass replacement not allowed)
  • Each competitor must display the current Street Machine Challenge windshield banner on the competition vehicle during the event. (provided at the QA1 Open House Cruise)
  • Challenge may be run rain or shine at the event organizer’s discretion.
  • Tire Rule: Only DOT Spec tires meeting the tread wear indicator number of 200 or higher will be allowed to compete. This means a tread wear rating stamped on the sidewall of the tire must be a value of 200 or higher. A rating of 199 or less will not be allowed.
  • AWD vehicles ARE ALLOWED.
  • The race director and event organizers will have COMPLETE discretion to deny or remove from competition anyone in the event for any reason.

2024 Classes

Class 1: 1910-1990 Classic Domestic Vehicles

Class 2: 1991-2024 Modern Domestic Vehicles

Class 3: 1910-2024 Pickup Trucks

Class 4: 1910-2024 Import / Electric Vehicles

Street Machine Challenge Competition Times (Times are subject to change)

Friday, July 19:

TBD QA1 Open House and #goDRIVEit Cruise In (All Classes) 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm QA1 Autocross (Classes 1 and 2)

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm QA1 Autocross (Classes 3 and 4)

Saturday, July 20:

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm QA1 Autocross (Classes 1 and 2)

2:00 pm - 3:00 pm QA1 Autocross (Classes 3 and 4)

Sunday, July 21:

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm QA1 Autocross (Modified Course, Classes 1 and 2)

1:00 pm - 2:00 pm QA1 Autocross (Modified Course, Classes 3 and 4)

QA1 Open House

The QA1 Openhouse is a great kickoff to the Street Machine Nationals weekend! All classes are required to participate in the open house cruise to show that they are true Street vehicles. The windshield banner that is required will be handed out at the open house. More information to come.

QA1 Autocross

When your registration is confirmed for the SMC class you are automatically scheduled for the autocross times listed above. You are only allowed to run during the times for your classes. No other practice will be allowed with your SMC vehicle. On Sunday afternoon the Autocross course will be modified for the final schedule. Sunday’s points are worth double. Your placement is based on your single best time for that day. If you do not complete a run on each day then you receive a DNS. If a cone is knocked over during your run you receive a DNF for that run.

*All areas of the Street Machine Challenge are subject to change

Questions: Contact [email protected]