Dyno Challenge

The Dyno Challenge Is A High Horsepower Party

Participants line up down the street waiting for their chance to show off their ride's power & performance in front of cheering Summer Nationals fans all weekend. But the dyno challenge is more than just about measuring torque and horsepower - it's a high hp party unto itself with music, games, giveaways and more. The Dyno is $70 for 2 pulls.

High Horsepower Shootout And More

Make sure to visit the Dyno Challenge to see some of the top cars in the High Horsepower Shootout!

Stop by the dyno challenge to participate in the fun including:

Guess The Horsepower Game with prizes and giveaways from your event sponsors & vendors like hats, t-shirts, sponsor banners and more!

Highest HP Awards - Highest Horsepower each day wins a Street Machine Nationals Dyno Challenge award.

The dyno is $70 for 2 pulls. Sign up at the dyno to participate.